The first intellectual output of the GESPORT project is the website available at The website is the primary source of information for the project and is available in all five languages (English, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and Spanish) so that its results can reach more people than if only published in a single language. Therefore, the project website aims to publicize the project content and increase its visibility, which is critical for diffusing the project findings. Furthermore, to raise awareness among young people about gender equality in sports board organizations, we have offered scholarships to students with master’s degrees in Fine Arts and Computer Sciences to help design the GESPORT project website. While the website gives comprehensive information about all points of the project, for example, aims, results, news, key activities, participants and stakeholders involved in the project who have permitted it, the website consists of six main sections and 23 sub-sections. The main page displays the official logos of the project, the European Union flag, and the project title.

The website was designed to be presented in all five languages of the project (English, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and Spanish). The website has the next sections: the project, intellectual outputs, events, news, interviews, and acknowledgments. It also illustrates the links to the project’s social media accounts, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. In addition, every section has different sub-sections. The WordPress website builder was used for the development of the project website.

The mid-part of the main page presents the link of the GESPORT project in the European Union Erasmus+ Programme official webpage and the coordinator names from the partner universities, their roles and institutional website links.

The project section consists of the aims, national contexts and scholarship holders. While the purposes sub-section gives in-depth information about the project objectives, the national contexts sub-section includes photos of the women representing the NSFs involved in the project during interviews in each country. Additionally, the short autobiographies of the scholarship students who collaborated on the GESPORT project are publicized.

The intellectual outputs section generates through fourteen sub-sections and the contents of all intellectual outputs completed in the project can be followed here.

The events section consists of sub-sections such as the Summer Course and the International Conference , the transnational meetings, and other events organized during the project period. The Summer Course and International Conference are identified as multi-events (ME) 1 and 2. It is also the relation of other events that were not planned initially but were conducted during the project period to increase impact and dissemination.

The news section is divided into project news and press news. The project news announces the latest developments in the project. Additionally, the press news that involved the project news in several national and local press organizations in the countries involved in the project, is very significant in increasing the recognition and visibility of the GESPORT project.

Press News related to the webpage:

“Una página web y un logo para dar la mayor difusión al trabajo” (A Webpage and a logo to spread the work as widely as possible) (Isabel Muñoz, Diario de Teruel, August 13; 2018)


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