Book: Final report

The final report aims to provide a better understanding of the different parts of the project. The book includes a summary of the project’s main results, as well as its management and dissemination. It also explains the structure of the website to facilitate the search for information on the project. It contains links to each of the project’s news items, multiplier events, other events, and videos. The book also has links to local and national newspapers, radio, and TV news about the project, from its launch to its completion, in the five countries involved.

All results can be accessed via the links and are freely available. This report also contains links to the project’s social networks (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook). Therefore, this final report is a guide that explains the intellectual outputs through a summary of each of them. In each intellectual product, there is a link to download all the books, articles, databases and the catalogue of logos.

This e-book is translated into the five languages of the project, and its references are as follows:

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