GESPORT+, Corporate governance in sports organizations: a gender approach

The GESPORT + project seeks to strengthen equality between men and women in decision-making spaces in sports organizations such as the corporate board. The main objective of the project is to improve the access of women to the board of directors of sports federations or associations of all sports within the framework of the Erasmus + sports actions. It is expected that their results contribute to detect possible measures to promote gender balance in the decision making of corporate governance in sports organizations. By considering the experiences of female directors who have passed the glass ceiling or the glass cliff, this project aims to train other women in their career development.. In the last decade, many countries have adopted different initiatives to enact gender equality and move towards a more egalitarian, just and democratic society. In addition, numerous codes of good governance have been published in many countries around the world with recommendations on good corporate governance for large organizations, especially for listed companies. However, in the field of sport, although the group of European experts on good governance points out that it remains a priority for governments and stakeholders,studies on this matter are scarce, and existing research shows a low level of women participation in all decision-making areas.. A better understanding of the representation of women on the boards of European sports organizations could identify which gender policies can be proposed and improve existing ones, both in the EU and in individual member countries, to increase women’s participation in leadership positions of sports organizations. . Making women’s experiences visible, their roles on boards of directors, corporate governance practices in their sports organizations, and the problems and limitations they face in their daily professional life can help other women better manage their careers in contexts . Where the decision-making process is generated.