BOOK: Corporate governance in sport organizations: a gender perspective

The book entitled “Corporate governance in sport organizations: a gender perspective” (ISBN: 978-84-16723-80-52) aims to report the state of female participation in the governing bodies of the NSFs in each of the countries involved in the project: Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the UK. In the initial phase of the project, it was important to frame the sports context of the different countries, considering the participation of women in several roles (e.g. athlete, coach, referee, and director) and the social and legal levels of openness of each country to that participation.

Therefore, each chapter describes the political, normative and cultural conditions related to gender and sport in one of the countries involved in the project. However, attending to the specificities of the national contexts, each chapter adopted a different structure. To write each chapter, the team GESPORT resorted to databases on sport produced by the national sports institutions and to research developed in each country concerning the history of sport, legislation on gender and sport, and the participation of women in corporate governance and in sport-governing bodies.

This output made it possible to compare the reality of women’s participation in sport, namely in what concerns are present in the national sport governing bodies in the five countries considered in the project. This comparison gives an idea of the countries that have already taken political and legislative initiatives to promote gender equality regarding leadership positions in sports, by adopting codes and laws, and those countries that do not advance considerably on this matter.

The BOOK can be downloaded at the repository ZAGUAN of the University of Zaragoza:

Press News related to the book:

The United Kingdom and Spain have more women in the management of sports federations” (Isabel Muñoz, Diario de Teruel, August 13, 2018).

Gesport project publishes a book on women and sports institutions in March” (Isabel Muñoz, Diario de Teruel, February 21; 2019).

The participation of women in governing bodies of the sports field is low” (Isabel Muñoz, Diario de Teruel, November 2; 2019).

Book designer: Elena Gil (2019)