Presentation of the results of the GESPORT Project at the Workshop on “Women and Sport” organized by the Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs for the Committee on Women’s rights and Gender equality, European Parliament. Brussels, 29 November 2022.


15.00 – 15.03 (3 min): Introductory remarks by Robert BIEDROŃ, Chair of the Committee on Women’s rights and Gender equality 

15.03 – 15.15 (12 min): Presentation by Emine BOZKURT, Chair of the European Commission’s High-Level Group on Gender Equality in Sport, of its recent publication on “Towards more gender equality in sport – Recommendations and action plan from the High Level Group on Gender Equality in sport (2022)” 

15.15 – 15.27 (12 min): Intervention by Dr María Luisa ESTEBAN SALVADOR, University of Zaragoza, on “Women in the corporate governance of national sports federations: a European approach” 

15.27 – 15.57 (30 min): Questions and Answers 

15.57 – 16.00 (3 min): Conclusions by Robert BIEDROŃ, Chair of the Committee on Women’s rights and Gender equality 


1) Promotional Video:

This video was carried out during the Second Transnational Meeting of the project at the University of Teramo in July 2018. The video was made by Sergio Pipitone and Sergio De Angelis of the Press, Radio and Television Production Office of the Foundation of the University of Teramo. The video summarizes the moments of the Second Transnational Meeting that were dedicated to the dissemination of the project to the public. Specifically, after a panoramic view of the University of Teramo campus from above, it shows some moments of the press conference that the GESPORT Team held together with the Rector of the University of Teramo, Prof. Luciano D’Amico. Moreover, it shows the visit of the GESPORT project team to the recording studio of the Press, Radio and Television Production Office of the Foundation of the University of Teramo, as well as the radio interview that the GESPORT project team gave to the journalist and radio speaker Sergio Pipitone at Radiofrequenza, the radio of the University of Teramo. On the final page, the video shows the logos of all the participating institutions and the European Union.

2) Presentation of the abstract “Female Presidents in Sports Federations in Europe: A Comparative Study” to the International Conference on Gender Research (ICGR19) hosted by Ipazia, the Scientific Observatory on Gender Issues at Roma Tre University, Rome, on 11th – 12th April 2019. The abstract is published on page 105 of the congress book. Emilia Fernandes presented it.

3) The GESPORT team organized the Stream Mapping gender conformities, challenges and changes in sport and sport management: Policies, contexts, practices, actors, and interactions at the 11th International Critical Management Conference “PRECARIOUS PRESENTS, OPEN FUTURES”. The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, UK 27th – 29th June 2019. Charlotte Smith chaired this.

3) The GESPORT team participated in the organizing and scientific committees for the sixth edition of its Languaging Diversity Annual Conference (LD6) which was held in the University of Zaragoza, Spain, at the Campus of Teruel, 25th -29th September 2019.

4) The UK partner (Charlotte Smith) gave a keynote talk about the project in Bournemouth at an organized event on Women in Sport Governance on 5th December 2019.

5) Presentation of the abstract “Exploring the presence of women in the national governing bodies of sports federations in 5 European countries” of the IKSAD 2020: World Women Conference in Ankara/Turkey on March 07-08, 2020. It was presented by Luisa Esteban. The abstract is on page 5 of the book

6) The GESPORT project was selected by the Higher Sports Council (CSD) of Spain to participate in the First Digital Seminar Presentation and exchanges of Erasmus+ Sports projects led by Spanish organizations during the period 2016-2019”. Of the 702 sports awarded from 2016 to 2019 by the European Union to all European countries, Spain only received funding for 7.25% of all the selected projects (73 projects). Of these 73 projects, 12 were selected to participate in this event, which aimed to exchange good practices in Erasmus+ projects in Spain, detect problems and difficulties when presenting and selecting a project, and look at solutions to increase the ratio of Spanish projects. Each person in charge of their organization presented their project, highlighting the key aspects of its success. Later, a round table was held where obstacles in the processing and development of projects and possible solutions to these problems were discussed. The Conference is part of the Erasmus+ Infodays 2020 campaign. It was coordinated by the Young Sports Foundation and the CSD. Spain Moves collaborated. Among the participants was the Head of the Projects Area of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), the Director General, Spanish Agency for the Protection of Health in Sport (AEPSAD), General Director, Young Sports Foundation, the Head of the High Level Athlete Service – CSD, and an evaluator, advisor and coordinator of Erasmus+ projects. Presented by Luisa Esteban.

7) The Basque School of Sport (Escuela Vasca del Deporte) invited the coordinator of the GESPORT project to make a presentation of some results of the project in the webinar “Physical activity, sports and gender perspective” with the title “Corporate governance in federations from a gender perspective”, organized by Jon Iriberri Berrostegieta (December 17, 2020). Luisa Esteban presented it, and the video can be seen on YouTube.

8) Participation in the Women’s Day in Teramo (March 8, 2021). It was presented by Tiziana Di Cimbrini.

9) Participation in the first Women and Sport Conference. Three-day event and four webinars with 15 international speakers. 8, 9 and 10 March 2021 in Barcelona (Spain). Organised by Unisport Management School. Participant: Luisa Esteban

10) Poster Presentation “Women in sports boards of five European countries: an exploratory sport “ ICGR 2022:5th International Conference on Gender Research, in Aveiro, Portugal, 28 y 29 de Abril de 2022. It was presented by Emilia Fernandes.

11) Presentation of the results of the GESPORT project at the University of Rennes (France), during the International Week of Social and Environmental Responsibility. From 24 to 28 October 2022. More information at: It was presented by Luisa Esteban.