Natasha Dangerfield

Chair of England Lacrosse

What is the role of sport in your life?

When and how did you start your relationship with this sport that you represent?

What do you think about women representation in sports organizations today?

As chair of the board, did you participate in the definition and implementation of gender equality policies? If yes, what were those policies? Why do you think they are useful? If not, why not?

What are the overall responsibilities of your sport corporate board? And how long have you held it?

What are the main challenges that you have faced since you have occupied this position?

What do you think about women participation in the sport corporate governance? (do you feel there is equality or not?)

What other policies or measures do you consider to be important to adopt to foster equality?

Do you think your representation on the board contributes more broadly to gender equality in society? If yes, how? If no, why?

What advice would you give to other women taking up sports boards positions?